Wedding decor on mantle
When should I book a wedding planner?2018-06-07T11:02:52-04:00

When to hire a wedding planner truly depends on each couple. Our clients hire us anywhere from 2 months to 2 years out from their wedding. If you plan on doing most the planning yourself and it’s a more intimate wedding, you might hire a planner a few months in advance of your wedding. If you have 250 guests and have had your eye on a certain venue, then we suggest a year or two in advance of your wedding day. Overall, we recommend contacting us sooner than later so you can learn about the different planning packages and give yourself time to pick the best option based on your needs.

What factors influence price?2018-11-06T11:29:50-04:00

There are many factors involved in planning an event and our prices are reflective of these. Whether the event is in a ballroom or an open field, the time of year, how long we’ll be working together, number of guests, the overall vision for the event and more can influence pricing. As a point of reference, the Thirty Day Dash wedding planning package starts at $1750. Contact us directly for pricing on your specific event!

Will you serve as a day-of coordinator for an event you didn’t plan?2018-05-30T17:12:17-04:00

Based on our experience, it works best for both the client and Lucent Events to only execute events we have planned. This allows for a flawless execution and eliminates any unknown factors so you can enjoy the big day.

Where does pricing start for your wedding packages?2018-06-07T10:52:18-04:00

We offer several different types of wedding planning services so prices vary based on package. The Full Service, Partial Planning and Thirty Day Dash packages all start with a base price and are tailored to each couple. The majority of our clients have a minimum budget of $35,000 or more and spend on average $225-375 per guest (venue, invitations, catering, flowers, photography, etc.). We love to work with a variety of clients so reach out to us directly regarding your budget to discuss details.

What’s the difference between a venue coordinator & an event planner?2018-05-30T16:54:21-04:00

This is a great question we love to answer. A venue coordinator is employed by the venue for two main reasons:

  1. To make sure all the venue rules are followed such as not taping things to walls or decorating with glitter
  2. To help coordinate any facility obligations such as house lighting, unlocking doors, answering parking questions, etc.

In a nutshell, the venue coordinator represents the venue. An event planner works for and represents the client. The scope of services provided by an event planner are very different in that they cover more areas like invitations, catering, vendor management, budget planning and so on. The biggest difference lies in the fact that the event planner will at all times make decisions with the client’s best interests at heart.

Where do you plan events and do you travel?2018-05-30T16:39:11-04:00

We plan events around the best venue location for our client. We are based in Richmond, VA but love to travel and enjoy planning events across Virginia and even outside the United States.

What inspired you to do event planning?2018-06-07T11:18:13-04:00

I founded Lucent Events after 10 years of experience in venue-side planning, branding, marketing and customer and user experience work. I saw an intersection between the related fields and how event planning and designing experiences would allow me to influence and shape how a person feels, from the host to the guest – how powerful! Maya Angelou captured this philosophy in one of her famous quotes that expresses the epitome of why I love event planning,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”